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ΘΕΜΑ: Xmax 400 vs X10 350 vs Xciting 400i

Xmax 400 vs X10 350 vs Xciting 400i 1 Χρόνος 8 Μήνες πριν #1

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A chair for three!

With the arrival of Yamaha X-Max 400 and Kymco Xciting 400i, family maxi-scooters average engine takes sporty accents. Which is sharpened? On a daily basis they are more arguments than the GT Piaggio X10 350 new icon in the segment? The answer is to read here!

The maxi-scooter medium capacity segment has a new face. Once preserve Honda Silverwing / SW-T 400, Suzuki Burgman 400 and other Yamaha Majesty 400, it is still largely populated by GT scooters - whose Piaggio X10 350 is the newest representative - but he sees this year into his circle two new upscale the racier plastic: The Yamaha X-Max 400 and the Kymco Xciting 400i. Given the success of Yamaha X-Max 125 and TMAX 530 (two athletes who prance atop the pyramid of French sales of two-wheelers), this new trend scooter blown through the market makers is understandable. But every day, the most extreme midsizes they remain easy to live? These devices that retain a power / weight ratio to their advantage, lower costs € 6000, a maintenance cost and more affordable than the big guns of the class of insurance contributions (TMAX 530, Suzuki Burgman 650, BMW C 650 GT / C 600 Sport ...) Are practices while being fun?
To clarify this, Scooter-Station organized the meeting between the Piaggio X10 350, the Yamaha X-Max 400 and Kymco Xciting 400i. Weighed, consumption, timings, practical and experienced pilots, both sporting the moment and the most sophisticated GT midsize showed us all their secrets. Which will have the best final score (Table discover on page 4)? What is the most incisive? Read on!

Yamaha X-Max 400: A style that hits

"Wow, this is the new X-Max? "Walking along the handlebars Paris Yamaha X-Max 400, the question of Parisian commuters crossing our path is inevitable. Believing they have in front of them the new model 125, our fellow scooter riders remain however surprised discovering the capacity of our horse. The motorcycle license holders are delighted. Not daring to venture into the land of the "king" TMAX 530 scooter they deem too expensive and too coveted, even they admit the 400 a true intermediate in the scooter range with three forks, a machine with a mechanical faster than the X-Max 250 and especially a stronger unique sporty style.
This dynamic look attractive is perfectly in line with the benefit of the Japanese, as Kymco elsewhere. The cylinder of the X-Max is the least powerful of this comparison, but thanks to its transmission is however the most lively at startup. With this heart installed in a rigid frame, suspended by strong elements, especially the rear, Yam rigorous' demonstrated accuracy.

The athlete is comfortable in the city
In town, we appreciate the X-Max 400 agility. The driving position range on the front if adapted to Sport mode enhances maneuverability and here as it has a homogeneous distribution of its masses, and also has a very good motor, it seemed most comfortable on this field. For this model of sportsmanship, Yamaha has treated its practical aspects by providing a safe capable of swallowing two full-face helmets, while the Kymco Xciting equally athletic, can not accommodate that. Opening the saddle Yamaha is nothing annoying. It must indeed turn the key switch with one hand and lift the saddle on the other. However, the X-Max has two pockets apron, which is certainly less than the Piaggio X10 350 which has three, but it's still better than the Taiwanese who did this one.

Spartan comfort and protection
The concept of comfort is basic in the X-Max 400. Saddle, shock protection and the front part can be improved. With a height of windshield slightly higher and the presence of side deflectors on the hands, the driver is still more protected than the Kymco Xciting 400. It has however nothing to do with the protection of X10. But if you opt for this type of scooter average displacement of sportsmanship, we imagine that this criterion will in the background. For the high quality of Yamaha X-Max 400 is its chassis, the best in this roundup, but its braking performance and easy to modulate. Its quality is also pleasing and excellent facilities, the image of the dashboard of the most successful. But this riot of perfection comes at a price: € 5999, the highest rate here.

character of the front face
approval and engine performance
quality of the chassis

massive rear portion
Seat opening

Yamaha X-Max 400 2013: Our measurements
acceleration from 0 to 100 m (average of 3 timings): 6'62
turning radius 3.48m
consolidated test: 4.98 l/100 km
Kerb weight: 213 kg (87.6 kg AV , AR 125.4 kg)
Maximum speed: 151 km / h on the clock, 162 km / h counter

Piaggio X10 350: Spirit Gran Turismo!

Appeared last year, the X10 model immediately won the crowds. New scooter from the Italian manufacturer Piaggio GT, which with its famous X9 had already initiated the genre at the dawn of 2000, the long and massive machine catches the eye for its innovative design, all in rounded. Its unusual facies attracted equally. Set on its wide saddle, the softer the comparo, the pilot discovers a more relaxed driving position, where it easily stretches legs, unlike the position imposed by the two sports competitors. The control layout is good, but given the proliferation of buttons on this scooter "all options" that activates the hazard warning lights are located on the console of the deck, which is impractical and even dangerous! On this point the X-Max 400 is better, with a button that activates the right thumb. With a switch on the front of the right stalk, the warning of Kymco get underway index, which is less convenient than the Yamaha.

350 cm3, and then!
Long wheelbase, weight and gauge the most important comparative low position and extent of the driver, the Piaggio X10 350 is not the easiest to register curve. If at low speeds it feels a certain facility to the handlebars, where his fluency in town at high speed gives the impression that when the front tilts, the back steps with a slight delay. On the sports field, then, both outperform competitors without actually behind. Because if its chassis shown more flexibility, it remains rigorous chassis and engine force-fed'' s amenities. The Italian cylinder makes almost 50 cm3 rivals, it still shows more powerful (but less torquey) the engine that drives the Yamaha. So the exercise of 100 m Standing Start, if it can not pass the X-Max, it is perfectly up to the Xciting 400. Still on rapid voice, he loses points lie side, making about ten km / h in the other two points. On this ground, its handling, however, is one of its strengths, such as its excellent protection front.

Piaggio X10 350: The better equipped
In addition to its interesting dynamic qualities and its mechanical performance, the Piaggio X10 350 is appreciated for its qualities of GT. In the presence of a large trunk lit and multiple storage spaces in front, its carrying capacity is impressive. The passenger has to deal with a large seat width, but the location reserved for it is here the most accessible. However bad it does not have independent footrests, as the X-Max and Xciting. However, as the pilot, he enjoys the comfort here. Careful manufacturing, provision of equipment (brake deployment of the side, dashboard complete with automotive-style deflectors legs, mapping ... ECO), the Piaggio X10 350 impresses. Without the option of ABS wheel or the motor control, as his two rivals, the price seems content as it is posted to € 5,699 (count still € 6699 for the X10 model 350 Executive ABS / ASR).

practical aspects

non-adjustable brake levers and too wide
hazard lights on console

Piaggio X10 350 2013: Our measurements
acceleration from 0 to 100 m (average of 3 timings): 7'11
turning radius: 3.57 m
consolidated test: 4.9 l/100 km
Kerb weight: 214.6 kg (AV 94 6 kg, rear 120 kg)
Maximum speed: 141 km / h on the clock, 155 km / h counter

Kymco Xciting 400i: The midsize Xcitant

That progress in the first Taiwanese manufacturer Kymco! After K-XCT 125 who had already impressed earlier this year, this is the Xciting 400i model equally well done, that seduces us to its production as its design. Although the quality of some plastics, including those around the dashboard for example, and the texture of the seat are still a notch below the materials used on the other two maxi scooters that game. But it must be recognized that the new Kymco sport is attracting more and rewarding. We appreciate his aggressive facies, its LED lights as well as the forms of its smoked bubble, powerful lighting and hold brake calipers way motorcycle sports. Its dashboard is however less sexy, sleek course, but not very readable in daylight. Static, it is installed on the saddle, the backsplash is the one that best maintain this comparo and controls fall under the hands of instinct. The mirrors are perfect. Placed at the right height so as not to be annoying in traffic, very large and easily adjustable, they offer the best retro-vision.

Serious arguments sporty
, Action! The sound that emanates from the massive muffler delight the most sporting of us. The Kymco has indeed a greater than its two rivals day sound identity, without being really disturbing. Like the Yamaha X-Max 400 or Piaggio X10 350, the answer to the handle is instant revving is strong and progressive. A 80 km / h and 110 km / h, the Xciting offers the best of times. And also lengthens the best! This is indeed the Taiwanese that displays the top speed (155 km / h actual, against 151 km / h for Yamaha, 141 km / h for the X10). Lightweight, accurate, in virolos his ability to turn from one side to the other blew us away and lean angle is a notch above his opponents - the X-Max 400 is this exercise most limited. On hard braking the Xciting 400 is perfectly in line. Power to the levers is very good, but a little less progressive than the X-Max 400. Damage as it has developed the same quality gum than his opponents. The envelopes are we Maxxis effect appeared worse than riding the Yamaha (Michelin City Grip) or that the Piaggio (Michelin Power Pure SC).

It loses points on the practical
As for comfort, there is a little the same characteristics as the Yamaha X-Max sports models require. The suspension is slightly less dry than the Yam, but only slightly. In the presence of a shorter windscreen at high speed protection is not as good. We quickly felt the pressure of the air on the hands and upper parts (shoulders and helmets), but the rest of the body is fairly well preserved. In terms of the practical aspects Kymco Xciting 400i is less generous than the other two, especially the X10 grazing without fault in this area. Certainly, it has like Italian a parking brake, the Yamaha did not, but unlike the Japanese ranks there a helmet in his chest and only a small storage compartment is located in the part Apron left. Sold € 5799 its price is set in front of X-Max 400, but it must be recognized that with only 200 € difference, the difference between Taiwanese and Japanese production production so important in the past, is today ' Today diminished. At the same time, Kymco has greatly increased quality side.

engine power and pleasure
dynamic behavior

readability of the instrumentation

Kymco Xciting 400i 2013: Our measurements
acceleration from 0 to 100 m (average of 3 timings): 7'06
turning radius 3.84m
consolidated test: 4.9 l/100 km
Kerb weight: 209.6 kg (87 kg AV , AR 122.6 kg)
Maximum speed: 155 km / h on the clock, 165 km / h counter

Reconciliation maxi scooters medium capacity in 2013: Versatility favored

Excellent in terms of perceived quality, comfort, protection, quality, practical or in the exercise of the duo, the Piaggio X10 350 wins this comparison - our table taking notes has 12 essential criteria on a scooter, it rewards indeed its versatility. The Italian GT 50 cm3 cube less than rivals day, but thanks to the performance of its cylinder he loses in pure power, not pleasure. The underpowered 125 X10 model had lost comparative the GT class 125 (read here). With 33 horses here on mdèle 350 Piaggio reproduces colors on the maxi-scooter segment midsizes.
Hardly a stride behind the Yamaha X-Max 400 points in second place. With a high quality of manufacturing Kymco, with a dash of fun with impeccable cycle, better protection and more storage space part, beating the Taiwanese athlete. Damage to the Kymco Xciting 400, as a purely sporting terms, it is he who is ahead everyone.

Maxi-scooters midsize 2013: The classification of testers Scooter Station


Yamaha X-Max 400
Engine: single cylinder, 4-stroke 395 cm3, water cooled, ACT 2, 83 mm bore x stroke 73 mm, electronic fuel injection, transmission and belt drive, electric start
Power 31.5 hp. (23.18 kilowatts) at 7500 rev / min, torque 3.4 daN to 6000 rev / min
Chassis: Double cradle steel frame tubes, hydraulic telescopic fork, diam. 35 mm, deb. 110 mm, two rear shock absorbers adjustable for preload (4 positions), deb. 110 mm diameter front brake disk. 267 mm / 2-piston caliper - rear disc diam. 267 mm / 2-piston caliper, front tires 120/70 x 15 - AR 150/70 x 14
Template: dimension (LxWxH) 2190 mm ​​x 780 mm x 1385 mm, wheelbase 1565 mm, seat height 785 mm, 14 liter tank, measured weight to 213 kg (AV 87.6 kg, 125.4 kg AR )
Performance: maximum speed measured at 151 km / h (162 km / h on the clock), consumption measured average of 4.98 l/100 km

Piaggio X10 350
Engine: single cylinder, 4-stroke 330 cm3, 78 mm bore x 69 mm stroke, water cooled, ACT 1 and 4 soup / cyl, electronic fuel injection, variable automatic transmission, electric starter..
Power 33 hp. (24.5 kW) at 8250 rev / min, torque 3.23 daN to 6250 rev / min
Chassis: tubular double cradle frame made ​​of steel, telescopic hydraulic fork diam. 35 mm, deb. 125mm, 2 rear hydraulic shock absorbers adjustable for preload on four positions, deb. 120 mm diameter front brake discs 2. 280 mm + ABS coupled / 2 piston caliper - rear disc diam. 240 mm + ABS coupled / 2-piston caliper, front tires 120/70 x 15 - AR 150/70 x 13
Template: dimension (LxWxH) 2265 mm x 800 mm x NC, wheelbase 1625 mm, seat height 760 mm, tank 15.5 liters (including 2 liter reserve) Kerb weight measured at 214.6 kg (AV 94.6 kg, 120 kg AR)
Performance: measured at 144 km / h (155 km / h meter) consolidated Avg top speed. test measured at 4.9 l/100 km

Kymco Xciting 400
Engine: 4-stroke, 399 cm3, 2 OHC 4-valve bore 84.0 mm x 72.0 mm stroke, liquid-cooled, electronic fuel injection, transmission and belt drive, electric starter
power 36.04 hp. (26.5 kW) at 7500 rev / min, torque 3.77 daN to 6000 rev / min
Chassis: Double cradle tubular steel frame, hydraulic telescopic fork, 2 rear hydraulic shock absorbers adjustable for preload in 5 positions, twin front disc brakes diameter. 280 mm / 2-piston caliper - rear disc diam. 240 mm / 2-piston caliper, front tires 120/70-15 / Rear 150/70-14
Template: Dimensions (L x W x H) 2,205 mm x 820 mm x 1285 mm, wheelbase 1570 mm, seat height 795 mm, Kerb weight measured at 209.6 kg (AV 87 kg, 122.6 kg AR) tank 12.5 liters
Performance: maximum speed measured at 155 km / h (165 km / h meter), average consolidated test measured at 4.9 l/100 km

πηγή: www.scooter-station.com/Comparatif-Yamaha-X-Max-400-Piaggio-X10-350-et.html?artpage=1-4
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